Mathletes: 15th Kyiv Tournament of Math Battles

[lead]Nova Ukraine is proud to continue its support for Ukranian Math Team participating in Math Olympiads.[/lead]

Traditionally, year Kyiv Tournament of Math Battles named after Lesya Rubliova took place from September to January.
It was full of competitions of different kinds: Math Zanzibar, oral team Olympiad and 3 tours of math battles. Students competed in 4 age categories:

  1. The Youngest (up to 7th grade)
  2. The Juniors (8th grade)
  3. The Middle (9th grade)
  4. the Seniors (10th-11th grades)

155 teams participated in Math Zanzibar– 54 teams in the Youngest league, 35 teams in the Junior, 31 in the Middle and 33 teams competed in the Elder league.
Then 73 teams took part in Team Olympiad. Children were very excited and fully drawn into the competition for the winning titles because everyone put substantial effort into preparing for the competition. In the end, the winners of each stage were rewarded with certificates. Approximately 1000 young passionate mathematicians participated in Math Olympiads.
Regional olympiads are a good way for students to prepare for International Math Olympiads.

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For the first time, Ukranian Team won a bronze medal in the team competition, and Ngo Ngok Thai Shon took gold in the personal score. The result in the team score consists of the sum of the three best results among the four participants that the team leaders chose before the start of the competition. The more detailed score can be found here.

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