Help provided to Snyatin Orpahange for Children with Special Needs

We provided the basic medical supplies to the Snyatin Orphanage hosting children with special needs. Thank you to Olena Stadnyuk for running the campaign to raise funds and working out the logistics of delivering supplies to this orphanage. Thank you everyone who contributed their funds for this noble cause.
Here is a Thank you letter from the Director of Snyatin Orphanage for Children with Special Needs:
November 18, 2014
To the organization Nova Ukraine
Our orphanage hosts 110 children. All of them are children with special needs (categories 1 and 2).
Our staff makes their best to ensure that our children do not feel that they are neglected and forgotten. However, every day due to deteriorating economic conditions in our country, it becomes more challenging for us to provide for their basic needs. This is painful for our children. We appreciate support from people with a good heart and a generous soul who are helping us to resolve these problems. We are grateful that you are financially helping us during these difficult and economically challenging times.
With your deeds you are not only providing financial help but also inspiring our children for good deeds.
Our Big Thank You for your help in purchasing medical supplies in the amount of 11003.89 hryvnas (Nova Ukraine note: 743 dollars at the time of purchase).
Our management, children and staff are grateful to you for the attention that you gave our children and for the financial help that you provided.
Director of Snyatin Orphanage for Children with Special Needs: Leontiy Shemchuk

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