Station Kharkiv

Nova Ukraine transferred $3500 to Station Kharkiv, a volunteers organization in Kharkiv focused on working with refugees from Eastern Ukraine.
Volunteers from this group have been a true support for numerous refugees arriving in Kharkiv, amid any significant support from Kharkiv City officials. They meet people at the station, feed them, figure out living arrangements especially for families with small children, help with purchasing tickets to other cities in Ukraine, distribute clothes to people who left their homes with only summer things, provide medications for sick, injured and handicapped. They work with people who are frequently on the verge of a nervous breakdown. And they are always friendly and responsive.
Last month Station Kharkiv helped 50 families a day. However as the war continues to rage on, the flow of refugees has been increasing and now they help 200-300 families daily. Right now a lot of people are arriving from Mariupol on an additional direct train to Kharkiv.
One of volunteers Kira Djaharova wrote recently: “The number of refugees from Luhansk and Donetsk regions has been increasing. But a number of volunteers willing to help them has been increasing proportionally too. Today I heard many very warm and touching words of gratitude. Each of these people truly appreciates your help and support. Maybe before they were not that patriotic, however in future I am absolutely sure that they will love Ukraine with all their heart.”
Station Kharkiv volunteers also raise funds to deliver food and medications to the zone of a military conflict. Kids in the ATO zone frequently get sick because they have to stay in the basements for long periods of time during fighting.
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