Young Ukrainian Students in Vancouver

This summer Ukrainians of Vancouver will be welcoming a group of young students from Ukraine who will be participating in a summer program and taking ESL classes at the Canadian College of English Language. This program is organized by O.W.L.Ukrainian Canadian Education and Charity Trust in response to the tragic revolutionary events of winter 2013/14 that changed Ukraine and Ukrainians forever.

Among our participants are children whose fathers were shot by snipers at Maidan and those whose fathers survived after being shot or burned, young activists that got severe physical injuries, and orphans. Tragic events left scars in the hearts of many people in Ukraine and abroad, but especially those young students that matured just in a few months.

We hope that their participation in this summer program will help them to improve their English, to meet new friends, and to experience our multicultural and democratic Canadian environment. We hope that our program would help them to recover after their psychological traumas, as they are  welcomed by their homestay families in Vancouver and explore our beautiful city in their free time. As we prepare our program for them we still rely on your help. Participation of each student has financial restrictions and we are still raising money towards their airfare, health insurance, public transit expenses, and meals.

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