Station Kharkiv

Nova Ukraine transferred $1000 of donated funds to Station Kharkiv, an organization of volunteers focused on helping internally displaced persons (IDPs) who were forced to move from Donbass and Crimea to Kharkiv. According to Zhenya Diss, one of the volunteers, the organization daily needs to buy $100-150 worth of supplies to assist up to 50 internally displaced families that rely on their help. There are pregnant women and there are many families with kids. Usually IDPs stay with their relatives and friends and are ready to go back as soon as it’s safe to do so.
Station Kharkiv has already used the funds to purchase some supplies for the IDPs. Additionally, they used the money to rent a room for a man called Dmitry who was forced to migrate internally twice – first from Crimea and then from the Eastern Ukraine. He did not have where to go. Despite being injured, he was able to find a job and will become self-sustainable after the first salary. Zhenya Diss wrote: “It’s a very cheap room in a good location. Usually, it’s quite difficult to place unmarried young men, but we were lucky to find one room with Nova financial help.”

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