Serhiy Kalanzhanov

With your help we provided $500 for the urgent surgery needed for Serhiy Kalanzhanov whose hand and fingers were severely injured during confrontations on Institutska Street on February 18th. Serhiy was on Maidan since the first days of the protests. One of his friends Ustym Holodnyuk died during the confrontations. Serhiy had already gone through several surgeries, however he developed gangrene in one of his fingers due to remaining there fragments. The surgery was an attempt to clean the infected area in order to save his finger. Serhiy needed UAH 10,000 + for the surgery and medications. He was able to collect the necessary amount and had a surgery on June 27th at the Institute of Neurosurgery named after Romodanov. Ustym Holodnyuk’s father also donated money for Serhiy’s surgery. More details, an update on the surgery and photos to follow.
Thank you!

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