Mykola Rudyk

Mykola Rudik Run
A marathon runner who participated in many marathons in different parts of the world. His time on a 26.1 mile distance is 2:14!
He was on Maidan from the fist week. On February 19, Mykola was shot and the bullet went through his eye and ended up in the skull. Mykola was transferred to Warsaw, Poland , where he had two surgeries. The first one to take the bullet out and the second one to save the eye. Unfortunately he lost his vision on his right eye.
Mykola Ryduk Poraneniy
Mykola is going through a rehabilitation process at home now and is looking forward to getting back to his job where he helps children with cerebral palsy.
We sent to Mykola $700.
Our partners in Vancouver, Canada offered Mykola’s 14 years old daughter a scholarship to learn the English language. Nova Ukraine is also collecting donations to cover the cost of her roundtrip plane ticket.

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