Heavenly Hundred’s Ivan Blyok

Blok family picture
With your help Nova Ukraine provided 0 for a family of Ivan Blyok who was killed near Zhovtnevyi Palace by a sniper on February 20th. Ivan had three children – an 8-year old daughter and a 13-year old son, and a 21-year old daughter from his first marriage. According to his wife Nataliya Blyok, Ivan was not a fighter at all and hadn’t even served in the army. He was a very nice and peace loving man. However, he had a strong notion of fairness and during Maydan he didn’t want to remain passive and frequently went to Kyiv from his home town Horodok, Lviv Region, to join protesters.
On the night from February 18th to February 19th Ivan was getting too worried in front of his TV at home that too few people remained on Maidan and that the protest could be suppressed, so he left for Maidan again. He hugged his daughter Lilya who was seeing him off to the taxi cab and told her: “Goodbye, my child, I’ll come back as a hero!” Those were Ivan’s last words to his family.
In peaceful times Ivan frequently went to Germany to work in the construction and as a driver to support his family.
The aid was provided before the Government of Ukraine announced about finally starting disbursements of financial aid to the families of the Heavenly Hundred.
Blok family receipt

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