Artem Zapototskyi

Zapototskiy Artem z sunomArtem Zapototskiy Receipt
With your help Nova Ukraine donated $500 for medical needs of Artem Zapototskyi who was shot by a sniper on Instytutska Street on February 20th. Bullet damaged his spine nerve and left Artem paralyzed. After several surgeries in Kiev, doctors didn’t believe he would be able to walk again. However, volunteers were able to collect funds and send him for treatment to Israel. After several months of treatment, Artem can move his upper body. He remains paralyzed from the waist down, however Israeli specialists outlined a long rehabilitation program of medications and exercises that can help him to start walking again.
Artem came back to Kiev on June 27th . He is from Lutsk and has a 6-year old son and a 1-year old daughter. Artem is looking forward to getting back to his work as a lawyer to help him through psychological rehabilitation as well.

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