Nova Ukraine works on a vast variety of initiatives 
that help build democratic society in Ukraine.

Humanitarian Aid

  • Collecting computers in the United States to help displaced people in Ukraine transition to new careers and find new opportunities.
  • Financial and medical help to wounded soldiers and their families. This includes those who were injured during Euromaydan as well as injured soldiers from ongoing military conflict. More than $30,000 USD has been transferred so far.
  • Support summer ESL programs for Ukrainian children as well as educational programs.
  • Donate medical equipment collected from American hospitals. Obtain high quality refurbished equipment at discount prices; this equipment will be donated to Ukrainian medical institutions.

Raising Awareness About Ukraine

  • Participate in international festivals, organize cultural events and concerts and charity races. Hold fundraising events for the American community to attract donors that are sensible to our cause.
  • Produce promotional materials.  Design and widely distribute t-shirts, badges, stickers, and other materials.
  • Organize and promote concerts of the Ukrainian artists in the Bay Area.

Building Strong Civil Society

  • Support Ukrainian people in building strong civil society.
  • Supporting Moi Gorod Project in Odesa, Ukraine to give citizens power to conduct and find funding for their projects.