MATHletes: Ukrainian Mathematics Team

MATHLets: Supporting Ukrainian Team in International Math Olympiads

Nova Ukraine, partnering with Razom, is proud to announce its support for Ukranian Math Team participating in International Math Olympiads.

Olympiad: Romanian Master of Mathematics 2018

The 10th International Mathematical Tournament Romanian Master of Mathematics 2018 took place in the capital of Romania, Bucharest from the 21st to 26th of February, 2018.

This year more than 100 members took part in the Olympiad from 20 countries, and 8 from them represented our country: Nho Nhok Tkhai Shon, Sarapin Roman, Vieprik Mykyta, Koval Illya (all from Kharkiv), Nikolaiev Arsenii, Yudin Fedir, Kondratenko Oleh (all from Kyiv), Fedynyak Volodymyr (from Lviv). The team leaders were Alexander Dashkov (from Kyiv) and Anastasia Lysakevich (from Kharkiv).

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For the first time, Ukranian Team won a bronze medal in the team competition, and Ngo Ngok Thai Shon took gold in the personal score. The result in the team score consists of the sum of the three best results among the four participants that the team leaders chose before the start of the competition. The more detailed score can be found here.


The Romanian Master of Mathematics is useful not just as competition, but also as training of our best students for future Olympiads. The team is currently preparing for the main Olympiad of the year: The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), which will also be held in Romania, in Cluj-Napoca.

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