After participating in the resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk,  an advocacy group realized the disastrous state of the issue. A decision was made to resume the work in a laid-up hotel “Djerelo” in Pushcha Vodytsya near Kyiv. Just in three days the group managed to prepare the abandoned hotel’s residential and technical facilities for the reception and resettlement of 149 adults and 53 children.

Everyone who’s been hosted at Djerelo is an internally displaced person. They lost all they had, they lost their health and suffered psychological and physical traumas, but they are a strong community. The IDPs themselves do all the work at Djerelo. However, they would not be able to survive without outside help. These people who used to be members of a peaceful society, are now victims of the situation in the country. They are looking forward to the end of war, so that they can return to their homes, meet their family and friends, and raise their children and appreciate every minute of peace.

Djerelo areas of focus:

  • Reception of IDP families, support and rehabilitation,
  • Medical, psychological, legal help,
  • Housing,
  • Job search assistance,
  • Assistance in the organization / business recovery refugees
  • Assistance working with local authorities

When Nova Ukraine transferred $500 to Djerelo, there were 180 adults and 40 children there.
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