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Thirty children, whose parents were wounded or killed on Maidan during the winter clashes, went on vacation in Sweden and Bulgaria. Some were helped by volunteers, some by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.  Nova Ukraine allocated 0 for the Swedish project.
Aeroport Swedish project
The story of each of these children is tragic, but with the happy ending. Their parents were nearly killed on Maidan; they received severe, live-threatening injuries.

Ekaterina, a local of Kyiv, is a mother of 4. She was a volunteer on Maidan in February, helping the injured. She got a severe back injury, when a hand grenade hit her back. Her pictures were all over the internet.


“On February 18th, when the peaceful demonstration turned into a violent one, I was the last one to walk. Suddenly, a hand-grenade hit my back”.

Natalya from Kolomya, a city in Western Ukraine, is also sending her children to Sweden. Her husband was injured on Maidan. Even though he is ashamed to admit it, his injuries are severe and bother him still.


“My husband received four firearm injuries; he underwent five surgeries in Kyiv and one in Germany.”

Sergey from Khmelnitsky, a city in Western Ukraine, still walks with a cane. In the video you can see him lying on the ground, injured. It was on Institutska Street in Kyiv.

“I was injured by a sniper on February 20th on Institutska Street. The bullet hit my hips, ruptured the vein on the left side. My belt saved my life; I tightened it around my vein to stop the bleeding”.

The children of Ekaterina, Natalya, Sergey and others injured on Maidan are flying to Sweden for a week.

The first group consists of 22 children, the second, 20. They will be housed and sponsored by a good will volunteer near Stockholm. The children will live in her house, will go on tours and will have an opportunity to see how people live in Europe. Europe, that their parents are fighting for!

There is another group of children united by a worse grief: Their fathers are in the “Heavenly Hundred,” the group of activists who died on Maidan.

“Look what kind of defense our guys had…a lid from the washing machine…a fishing pole…”

“My dad”…

Where is your father now?

“In Heaven”

What is he doing there?

“Watching over me”…

The story of this family is similar. “The child does not answer questions about her father…barely holding tears…”-grandma says.

Larysa, a local of Zhmerynka, a city in Western Ukraine:

“She still misses her father; he used to call in the morning, in the evening, even when he lived on Maidan”.

The Bulgarian side will pay for 10 children and 7 adults to vacation in Bulgaria. Next week the second group of children will depart.

For the original text in Russian and Ukrainian see the NTN website.
Young Ukrainian Students in Vancouver
This summer Ukrainians of Vancouver will be welcoming a group of young students from Ukraine who will be participating in a summer program and taking ESL classes at the Canadian College of English Language. This program is organized by O.W.L.Ukrainian Canadian Education and Charity Trust in response to the tragic revolutionary events of winter 2013/14 that changed Ukraine and Ukrainians forever.

Among our participants are children whose fathers were shot by snipers at Maidan and those whose fathers survived after being shot or burned, young activists that got severe physical injuries, and orphans. Tragic events left scars in the hearts of many people in Ukraine and abroad, but especially those young students that matured just in a few months.

We hope that their participation in this summer program will help them to improve their English, to meet new friends, and to experience our multicultural and democratic Canadian environment. We hope that our program would help them to recover after their psychological traumas, as they are  welcomed by their homestay families in Vancouver and explore our beautiful city in their free time. As we prepare our program for them we still rely on your help. Participation of each student has financial restrictions and we are still raising money towards their airfare, health insurance, public transit expenses, and meals.