Burning Man Art Installation 2019: Catharsis

This year we are supporting a group of Ukrainian artists from Seattle who is bringing an art installation called Catharsis to Burning Man 2019. Catharsis represents the stage after internal changes happened and we are overflown with emotions. It is the release of all those feelings, it’s the step that is freeing us before we are ready to take on new challenges.

Mark Tremback is the lead architect of the structure, while Marina Malyarenko is the artist who paints the butterfly in Petrykivka design. Aly (Alyona) Owens is the team lead and project visionary. Oleksy Ohurtsov is the movie director and records our team journey from the birth of the idea all the way to the desert.

This piece of art binds together a large team of artists who were born and raised in Ukraine but found each other in Seattle, WA.

To learn more and follow our progress, please check us out on facebook.

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