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“Ukrainian Photo Shoot” Fundraiser – February 28th

Photo shoot similar to one Nova Ukraine did couple of months ago

Vasyl Galamai, 27 years old from Lviv

  He was severely wounded on February 20 by a sniper. A bullet went trough his right side crushing pelvic bones, and ended up in the left leg. Vasyl had 3 major surgeries in Kyiv and later was transfers to a military hospital in Prague. He had another surgery and is going through a rehabilitation process now. Doctors are planing to keep him in the hospital until mid-summer 2014. Wishing him speedy recovery and return home to reunite with his family, including his 5-year old daughter Zlata! Knowels family donated $500 to Vasyl through us.

Serhiy Galkin

Originally from Ivano-Frankivsk, a Ukrainian marine who served in the First Feodosia (Crimea) platoon, part of the Ukrainian forces that were the last ones to leave Crimea. Serhiy and his colleagues were captured by the Russian army. After the Russian army officers asked the marines to betray Ukraine and join Russian force, Sergey refused and started to sing Ukraine's National Anthem. He was severely beaten up and is now in a hospital outside of Kyiv with skull injuries. Serhiy's family lost all of their personal items including their home, money and documents. Serhiy and his family - his wife and a 7 years old son - needed help to get him ...

Mykola Rudyk

A marathon runner who participated in many marathons in different parts of the world. His time on a 26.1 mile distance is 2:14! He was on Maidan from the fist week. On February 19, Mykola was shot and the bullet went through his eye and ended up in the skull. Mykola was transferred to Warsaw, Poland , where he had two surgeries. The first one to take the bullet out and the second one to save the eye. Unfortunately he lost his vision on his right eye. Mykola is going through a rehabilitation process at home now and is looking forward to getting back to his job where he helps children with cerebral palsy. We sent to Mykola $700. Our partners ...

Ivan Filipovych

The first picture shows Ivan Filipovych before the tragic events in Kyiv, the second one is of him and his father after he was shot at twice on Maidan. We transferred $500 to help Ivan cover his medical expenses. Ivan went to Maidan five times starting December 1 after students beatings, then again and then enrolled in one of Maidan’s hundreds – to fight for freedom against tyranny of Yanukovych and his government. When he was leaving to Maidan for the last time and his sister was begging him not to go, he replied: "My brothers are being killed there!" On February 19, 2014, of February he came to Kyiv for the last time. The first thing ...