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Mathletes: 15th Kyiv Tournament of Math Battles

Nova Ukraine is proud to continue its support for Ukranian Math Team participating in Math Olympiads. Traditionally, year Kyiv Tournament of Math Battles named after Lesya Rubliova took place from September to January

Prometheus: World-class online courses for Ukrainian teachers

Nova Ukraine is partnering with Prometheus to translate MIT online courses for Ukrainian teachers’ professional development

Burning Man Art 2018

Nova Ukraine, together with Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco, are proud to be the partners of Ukrainian Burning Man this year in helping bring one of the Ukrainian art installations "Sorry", by Oleksiy Sai to the Burning Man. Nova Ukraine volunteers were responsible for logistics and gathering necessary materials for the installation. This year marked an impressive shift in Ukrainian government as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has funded a portion of the installation. An additional help came from fundraising through friends and the community in Ukraine and internationally. For the first time in 27 years, the Ukrainian ...

Animal-ID: Chance to live for 100 000 dogs from Ukraine

Nova Ukraine, partnering with International Registration Systems, is proud to announce its support to solve a problem of homeless dogs in the cities across Ukraine. Over 100,000 of stray dogs live on the streets of Ukrainian cities, and the destiny of these animals depends...

Supporting Ukrainian Writers

Nova Ukraine is proud to support Ukrainian writers by introducing their work to English speaking readers. In the first such project, Nova Ukraine supported young Ukranian author Nazar Kazkar.

MATHletes: Ukrainian Mathematics Team

Nova Ukraine is proud to announce its support for Ukranian Math Team participating in International Math Olympiads.

Alumni Fund Ukraine

Alumni Fund Ukraine is an educational NGO established by Ukrainian alumni in December 2015 in Switzerland and in April 2016 in Ukraine. Its mission is to create a funding platform that can enable people to support Ukrainian educational institutions

ART CONTEST: “Ukraine the way I imagine it”

Have you ever been to Ukraine? Do you want to go? What do you know about this largest country in Europe? Can you draw or paint it out of your imagination? Nova Ukraine along with Carroll-Marynychenko Charitable Fund are pleased to announce the artwork contest "Ukraine the way I imagine it”.

Heart2Heart – Humanitarian Aid

The goal of this project is to help and to support the most vulnerable Ukrainians in need that cannot get help the other way. We collect, sort, and deliver donations to volunteers in Ukraine, who pass them hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart, and family-to-family.

Humanitarian Aid to Avdiivka

Nova Ukraine, along with a whole Ukranian community of the Bay Area, wants to help thousands of civilians and children in the affected areas. We are in contact with volunteering groups...

Surgical Department of Lviv Children’s Hospital

Current equipment used at the hospital is 15 years old, outdated and demands constant refurbishment. Due to the lack...

Summer camp ‘PEREVAL’

Pereval is a youth camp located on the bank of the Desna River. Unlike a typical scout or day camp, Pereval offers children and adolescents a transformational...

A Great Migration: What is the Fate of Ukraine’s Internally Displaced Persons

As a result of the annexation of Crimea by Russia and the loss of control over a part of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, many people in Ukraine were forced to leave their homes and move to other Ukrainian regions.

Free of Charge, But Not for Nothing. What’s Wrong with International Aid to Ukraine

The international assistance to Ukraine is booming. According to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, during the last two years the amount of grants and technical assistance reached almost $1 bn. This is 1.5 times less than what Ukraine had received in 2008-2013. Moreover, since Maidan, international financial organizations have provided $3.5 bn of loans at a tiny interest rate to Ukraine. Is Ukraine using these huge resources effectively? "(Your) country does not need to ask for extra money, as what had been provided before, has not been used," - said recently the head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Jan Tombinski. What prevents Ukraine from successfully cooperating with foreign donors?

De-Oligarchization is Central to the Success of Reforms in Ukraine

De-oligarchization, together with corruption and the rule of law, are 3 areas that are central to the success of the reforms and European integration after the Euromaidan revolution. At the same time, while Western governments, academic experts and journalists frequently advise Ukraine to ‘deal with its oligarchs’ they rarely provide clear-cut policy advice to Ukraine’s political leaders and government how to go about this.

Music Camp Kharkiv: Helping Civil Society

Music Camp Kharkiv is a social project, that includes an educational program for local children and a concert of children's choir with the symphonic orchestra in Kharkiv National Opera. During the 6 days of intensive music involvement...

Pro.Svit: Center for Innovative Education

Pro.Svit is a Center for Innovative Education, where we strive to enhance the human potential of Ukrainian society through education reform...

Hugo Spaulding: Reformers Without Borders

Please help pay for his 3 months trip to Odessa to continue the effort, started by Lyuba Shipovich, Natalia Shyrba and Odessa Regional government team. As an RWB Fellow, Hugo will be promoting local small businesses...

Computers For Ukraine

There are more than million of displaced people in Ukraine. They constantly need information about available resources, places to rent, new government regulations and their relatives and friends. They need to learn new skills...

A story of My Acquaintance with Station Kharkiv

Short information: Public Initiative Station Kharkiv was created on June 1, 2014 to provide the necessary assistance to internally displaced people from the East of Ukraine and the Crimea. Originally organized as a booth to provide informational support to displaced people at the railroad station, Station Kharkiv later opened an office on Bluhera Street and started providing humanitarian help as well. The office on Bluhera Street was moved to Krasnooktyabrskaya Street (as a matter of fact, Station Kharkiv lost the office on Bluhera Street to somebody else). While I was writing this story, the office moved to Karla Maksa Street (How come streets in ...